Current Events

HeadShave Challenge Nicosia 2012

From: 1st of June 2012
To: 20th of September 2012

International Challenge

From: 1st of January 2012
To: 1st of December 2012

Gifts 4 Life

From: 1st of January 2011
To: 1st of January 2012

Sports 4 Life

From: 1st of January 2011
To: 1st of January 2013

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To Participate in a Challenge

If you wish to help us raise funds by participating in an event all you have to do is to find the event you are interested in through the Current Events list, click on it and print the event flyer. You can contact the event organizer (listed on the flyer) to receive more information to participate or to volunteer to help out in the organization of the event.

Donation Coupons
The Centre will provide the organizers with Donation Coupons. It is the responsibility of the participants to request the equivalent value of coupons as a receipt and in return for any amount of money they donate. Please bare in mind that money donated for participating in an event is not refundable.

The participants must ensure they are fit to join in adventure events, they trust the organizers and that they will have fun while they are there. Please make sure you read the standard Rules and Conditions that apply.


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