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HeadShave Challenge Nicosia 2012

From: 1st of June 2012
To: 20th of September 2012

International Challenge

From: 1st of January 2012
To: 1st of December 2012

Gifts 4 Life

From: 1st of January 2011
To: 1st of January 2012

Sports 4 Life

From: 1st of January 2011
To: 1st of January 2013

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Organize, participate, have fun, and help raise funds

Do you like biking, soccer, mountain climbing, parachuting, dancing, singing, and traveling? Would you like to visit the lost city of Machu Picchu or trek the Great Wall of China while helping raise funds for a good cause?

With Challenges4Life you can organize your own challenge or participate in someone else’s challenge, have fun, and at the same time help raise funds to support the fight against leukemia.

Challenges4Life can serve as tool for great team building ideas for your company while fulfilling the Social Corporate Responsibilities (CSR) of your corporation.


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