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HeadShave Challenge Nicosia 2012

From: 1st of June 2012
To: 20th of September 2012

International Challenge

From: 1st of January 2012
To: 1st of December 2012

Gifts 4 Life

From: 1st of January 2011
To: 1st of January 2012

Sports 4 Life

From: 1st of January 2011
To: 1st of January 2013

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To Organize a Challenge

To organize a Challenges4Life event you will need to com up with an inviting event idea, and then work towards making it a successful and joyfull event for everyone..

Below you can find some tips to help you organize an event 
Do make sure to also read and follow the standard rules and conditions that apply.

Step by Step for Organizers

Before the Event:
1)      Decide on the event and pick a date
2)      Select the Place and confirm availability
3)      Complete the application form  and get approval from CSHM
4)      Get help (volunteer assistants, job allocation etc)
5)      Get sponsors to cover for the cost or the material of the event (we will provide 
          you with a formal event-organizer letter).  Make  it   win-win situation. 
          Sponsors may want to see their name on a brochure or a T-shirt.
6)      Receive Donation Coupons or other material from CSHM as necessary

Durinng the Event:
7)     Invite donors and have the event
8)     Keep it Legal, keep it Safe
9)     Take pictures to post them in our Photo Gallery
10)   Make it festive, and above all make it easy on yourself. We would like you
         to come back with more events.

After the Event:
11)  Return any unsold donation coupons to CSHM together with the donations
12)  Take it all the way by acknowledging all who contributed to the event. 


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